Honesty really is the best policy…

What’s your first job in the morning? For us, we check our emails, we log in to facebook, checkout the twitter and peruse Instagram. I’m sad to say that over the past few months it seems to be every other day that we see a status or story about Brides and Grooms being let down. Let down by companies who have taken these people’s (hard-earned) money and disappeared of the face of the planet!

It actually turns my stomach how this can still happen in today’s age. It makes me so angry that someone could be so heartless. It’s not just venue décor, it’s also DJ’s, Cake Makers, and today, a bridal boutique. There are now brides getting married in a few weeks’ time with no dress! I cannot begin to think how much upset this has caused!

But if I’m being truly honest, as much as it pains me that unsuspecting brides and grooms have found themselves in this position, I cannot help but grow anxious over how this damages the companies that are not being dishonest and are running their business because it makes them happy doing what they love. In a nutshell – making your dream wedding come true.

We’ve been contacted a few times in the last few weeks to help these poor people and whilst we were pleased to be in position where we could help and be part of their special day, it’s still frustrating that other people have potentially put a bit of downer on these Weddings (although some of Brides have been incredibly brave and we have nothing but respect for their resolve and determination to make it their best day ever!)

So whilst we will try our best to help, it is not always possible. We figured therefore on giving you all some solid advice before booking these companies.

  1. If the offer looks too good to be true…. It normally is. Whilst companies do have special offers and sales, us included. Potential tells are looking to see if they have lots of special offers on. You should ask yourself why? How can they offer such low prices? The truth could be they have no intention of ever providing their service. So the next time you see a full package with venue décor, a DJ, a 5 tier cake for a bargain price, ask yourself why and how?
  2. Check reviews of a company, ask family and friends for recommendations, speak to your venue, visit wedding fayres! (This one is important, legitimate companies will pay to exhibit, the facebook companies, they won’t. It’s not worth the investment, because in 1 months’ time, they will be gone)
  3. Check the companies website, visit their showroom/business premises. Those suppliers with a showroom or working from home (us included) will welcome you, they will not let you down, and guess what, if we did – you’d know where to find us!
  4. Ask suppliers you have already booked, we will speak the truth.

It’s worth noting though that some companies will go into administration despite their efforts. However, we still maintain that these companies have a responsibility to look after your interests and your money.

I worry that this is the second blog that could be considered as negative, but we want to stop these small facebook companies ruining brides and grooms special day!

We have a whole range of excellent suppliers we can recommend so please do not hesitate to contact us and we will be happy to help!

Love Claire xx

Honesty really is the best policy…

Drum roll please…

We have some fabulous news that we have been dying to share for a few weeks now. We are now working in association with Perfect Weddings. This not only means that we are expanding our wedding coordination, but also we are going to be bringing you more fabulous wedding shows in and around Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire, AND a very exciting one stop wedding package for all of your wedding needs! Watch this space for more information. First meeting tomorrow!! Eeek exciting!!!

Love Claire xx

Drum roll please…

I Do Wedding Awards!!!

OMG! We are so excited! We have been entered into the I Do Wedding Awards 2016 within the Venue Styling category!!!

The I Do Wedding Awards are decided ido-awards-vote-for-meentirely by the votes of the brides and grooms who have used the nominated suppliers. The Awards allow brides and grooms to give recognition to their devoted wedding suppliers, who have worked to make a couple’s dream day a reality! We are delighted that we have been entered and to get any further in the competition would be a dream come true!!!

If we spread a little magic at your wedding, please can you take 5 minutes to vote for us. We would be so grateful! You Can Vote Here!!

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you xxx


I Do Wedding Awards!!!

Quality You Deserve

Our very first blog! How exciting!

We’ve been in the industry for two years and some how we’ve managed to last this long without creating a forum for our thoughts and experiences, but better sooner than never. But after popular request by both our previous clients and existing, here we go…

So what to discuss first? Well the first thing that pops into my head, or at least the same aspect that keeps creeping to the surface is the dependability of suppliers.

There are some absolutely fantastic suppliers out there, who show their passion and commitment to making their clients day incredible. It’s these same suppliers that inspire us with their ideas and drive and we’re happy to say we’ve made some great friends along the way.


However, there are suppliers out there that just really don’t cut the mustard. It’s a combination of things – for some it seems to be a weekend-only type of business and no more commitment is given past those days. For others it feels like maybe they’ve been doing the same thing for too long and their approach has been stagnated by repetition and lack of interest.

I’m mindful that I appear to have started off my first blog entry on a negative, but it feels really important for it to be said and stated that not everyone who can pay someone to make them a website and buy some stock has…’it’. And by it, we mean that attention to detail, that tenacity, that creative flair, that drive to make sure that it really is one of the most memorable and special days of your life! Even after two years it never fails to amaze us with the amount of suppliers out there who are essentially undependable. It’s your special day, perhaps the day you’ve imagined/fantasied about for a while. You’ve saved all your pennies for this day for months, even years and there are companies out there who will effectively take advantage of this.  Navy Taffeta

You want a specific cake design and a cake maker is offering this for £250 rather than £500? Tempted? Of course you are!

You want chair covers and a company is offering chair cover and sash, fitted and collected for £1 rather than £2? Tempted? Again, of course you are! 

A photographer for the whole day for £200? It’s a bargain, photos are just photos right? 

Yes, you will still have a cake, chair covers and a photographer, but will there be the quality you are expecting? Will the cake begin to droop as the day goes on due to cheap ingredients and a badly crafted structure? Will half your chair covers be ivory and the rest white? Will your chair sashes and bows be all lop-sided from each other? 

Unfortunately we’ve witnessed these things first hand. It sometimes happens when for example rather than being asked to co-ordinate the whole wedding, we might be asked to supply the venue styling and centerpieces for the day but another company has arranged the chair covers and sashes. We’re not greedy, we’re happy to share the days styling w20150901_161803ith another supplier and it’s what the bride and groom have requested so we go with it. But it’s frustrating when the other company clearly don’t show as much passion as other companies and leave things looking messy. On more than one occasion we’ve stayed behind to adjust the chair covers and re-done their bows, just to make sure that it looks wonderful for the bride and groom, and of course all the guests!

Yes it’s annoying that the other company will get a pat on the back for making it look fantastic given our efforts but in truth, it’s not about us, it’s about you so again, we just go with it.

So here’s some advice from ‘the inside’. Before you sign up to any of these ‘amazing deals’ check the company website, check their work, look for reviews, have a consultation with your supplier. We’re very lucky and have received very high reviews from our clients, but you’re not necessarily looking for companies with only 5 stars, it’s also worth looking at what comments have been made.

Ultimately, you don’t want a cake that does not taste nice and looks nothing like you imagined and then collapses as soon as you cut into it (believe us, it happens!)  damaged chair covers with bows that do not look like bows and photos that look like they have been taken with a camera phone. This is your special day and you deserve nothing less than perfection.IMG_0332

Do not take the risk, not all quality suppliers will be the most expensive (plug for Nuptia here!!), but they certainly won’t be the cheapest and you will not get the quality you deserve!

Nuptia is also a wedding consultancy company and we work with a number of amazing suppliers so are more than happy to help you find the services you require.

Happy Planning! 

Claire xx

Quality You Deserve


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Welcome to our new blog!

We are Nuptia, a Wedding Coordination and Venue Styling company based in Nottingham. We offer a whole host of services to turn your dream day into reality. So whatever your needs, whether it is venue styling, wedding coordination or the advice finding your venue, caterers, florist and other suppliers, we are here to help. We have the attention to detail and passion for perfection, which will create a truly unforgettable day.

Our blog has been created to give you an insight into our world, from advice to showcasing our events, to keeping you up to date with all our events.

Claire & Becky xx